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What's in your dog's mind?

There is no such thing as misbehaved dogs, only disorientated dogs. Dogs are like toddlers, and since they can't properly express their emotions by language, the only thing they can do is misbehave in order to get our attention or manipulate us. 

We use child psychology to help improving your dog’s fearful, anxious, aggressive behavior or any other misbehaviour. We often help dog rescue organizations with: aggressive or fearful behavior toward other dogs, aggressive or fearful behavior toward strangers, resource guarding, confidence building, separation anxiety etc.. 

Behaviour Consulting

“Tom and his team are excellent and very experienced. We have had numbers of patients with anxious, fearful, excessive barking behaviour and they completely solve issues. Training is an essential part of behaviour modification and when animals have problems, DoggieMind have always successfully identified the issues and triggers to their issues and together with owners help relieve these dogs' stresses and led them to a healthier mental and physical wellbeing.”

— Dr. Wendy, GardenCity Veterinary Hospital


The first thing we need to do is setup a free half an hour consultation. This gives us a great chance to meet you and your dog. Your dog is a Good Dog who needs help! During your initial behavior consultation, we’ll do an in-depth behavior evaluation, then work together to design a training program to meet your goals and your dog’s individual behavior needs. We’ll also get you started with practical, effective introductory training exercises & environmental management recommendations to start improving things right away. Call us today at 778-323-6439 to find out more


Working on behaviour issue needs a proper behaviour management plan. Private lesson is one-on-one with a certified trainer or behavior consultant in your home or at our training facility, to implement the custom training plan developed during your initial behavior consultation.

Three-lesson and six-lesson packages are available upon your needs. Call us today at 778-323-6439 to get started.


Working with some difficult behaviour issues sometimes need more professional help. By giving your dog the learning experience of a lifetime with only positive reinforcement board & education camp, which takes place at our dog training facility. Our highly skilled team of certified behavior consultants and trainers provide guidance for your reactive, fearful, or aggressive dog in a safe, fun, low-stress urban environment. Call us today at 778-323-6439 to find out more

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