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A clean, nice scent dog, well appearance dog always win people's heart. Healthy skin and coat begins with regular grooming from a young age.  We make your dog being comfortable while being bathed, brushed and tended to is part of our commitment to your furry pet.  We always ensures that your dog’s coat, ears, and skin are taken in to account during their groom and educate our clients with personalized tips on what to do to upkeep a groom and maintain healthy habits.


Our pet spa offers full service pet grooming, nail trims, and doggie spa treatments that focus on aromatherapy, anxiety and skin and coat issues. Our pet stylists have a combined 15+ years of grooming experience. They are trained and have all developed their own grooming techniques to provide the owner with a quality haircut and brush out dependent on the degree of difficulty and condition of coat.


Full Grooming for dogs includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning and haircut 

Call us today at 778-323-6439 to find out more


Includes Hypo-Allergenic Shampoo, Nail Trim and Ear Cleaning.

Call us today at 778-323-6439 to find out more

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