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For dogs over 8 months 

Socialization is very important part of puppies/dogs development. Not only for timid, dominate pups/dogs to learn respect from each other but also for normal pups/dogs to release their excess energy. The more dogs are socialized, the less fear or aggression would occur. 

In one hour indoor social class, the owners have chances to see how their dogs interact with other dogs. Also the dogs will learn impulse control if dogs play too rough. We have two-three professional dog trainers on site supervising every dog. This is another good chance for owners to share their own dog experience with each other. 


“Tom and his team are excellent and very experienced. We have had numbers of patients with anxious, fearful, excessive barking behaviour and they completely solve issues. Training is an essential part of behaviour modification and when animals have problems, DoggieMind have always successfully identified the issues and triggers to their issues and together with owners help relieve these dogs' stresses and led them to a healthier mental and physical wellbeing.”

— Dr. Wendy, GardenCity Veterinary Hospital


Course includes

Dogs to dogs socialization

Dogs to human socialization

Dogs to environment socialization

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